Winter vacation in Western Montana

Winter in the mountains of Montana is magical! Kevin and I embark on as many grand adventures as we can, all very close to home! All of these adventures are close enough to the B&B for you to enjoy during your stay with us.

On one adventure, we snowshoed at Bear Creek, just about ten minutes away. The Bassets and the Chi-weeny were so happy to have a day in the forest. The weather here has been mild, hovering around 32 degrees, with sunshine and no wind. Dressed appropriately, this is great winter weather! The trail had a little fresh snow and was just gorgeous! The trail is an easy hike and every step has a postcard view!

The trail was easy enough that Dolly and Delilah hiked a record 2 hours of trail time. That is really sayin' something for these lazy hounds.

On another day, we decided to snowshoe at Skalkaho Pass, about a half hour south of the B&B. There is a funny thing about snow shoeing. It requires snow shoes. We forgot those at home. (UH hum!) The trail there is frequently used by snowmobilers and cross country skiers, and was therefore, nicely groomed. Our snow shoes were not required! We hiked about 3 miles along ‘heaven on earth’. (Those of you who know me, know that to me, heaven is fresh snow and warm coat!) The sights were so breathtaking! Beautiful snowy babbling brook, wildlife galore, and majestic mountain peaks were in every direction! I just could not get enough!

We are so lucky to live in a vacation destination. We have many guest who spend a few nights on the Montana trails then spend a few nights of "recovery" in the comforts of the B&B. That seemed like a great idea to me.

One gorgeous winter day,  I was determined to finally earn my “polar bear badge” for camping in the cold. We returned to Skalkaho Pass where there is a small campground along the river. It was my first time to camp in the snow (about 8 inches deep) and the temperature was around 20 degrees during the night. Again, nice winter mountain weather! We enjoyed a peaceful evening around the campfire. The only sounds were the babbling brook and the crackling of the fire. Well, Ok, and Kevin. He made a lot of noise recalling happy stories of old friends and new friends and all of our hopes for the coming year!

I admit I got a little chilled around 3:30 am, but like always, Kevin was there to rescue me! I thought a lot about my friends who HATE camping. I thought about my Girl Scouts in Alabama that loved camping. I wished ‘all y’all’ could have been there with me! I had a great time and I learned a lot about winter camping. I can’t wait to go again!

Happy Trails,