Thank You for your Support

The B&B helped sponsor a benefit luncheon for a local family with special needs. Jake Ezelle, a Stevensville High school Senior and aspiring chef, coordinated the luncheon with special help from his mentor, Chef Richard Marcus of the Catered Table. With support from the community, Jake was able to raise over $500 to help this special family with transportation costs related to their son's healthcare. 

We are proud of Jake for the hard work he put into planning the luncheon, preparing the food, and for his generousity in helping others in the community. Great job, Jake!

Thank you to everyone in the community, especially the Valley Drug and Montana Chocolate Company families, that enjoyed the luncheon and provided generous donations. You raised enough money to cover the family's transportation costs for at least two trips to Seattle!

We would like to extend a special thank you to Chef Rich at the Catered Table for guiding Jake, sharing recipes, and providing him with needed catering supplies!