Happy 1st Birthday!

Folks from as far as way as New York and LA  joined us to celebrate the first birthdays of everybody's favorite goats! Guest, family and friends gathered to enjoy tasty goat treats, Montana sunshine, and a few goat tricks.

Tinkerbell and Sunshine enjoyed a special birthday dinner platter of assorted raw veggies with a side of fresh fruit. For dessert, we served them cupcakes, of course! 

The guest enjoyed sharing a few appetizers and snacks with us.  We even had special goat healthy cupcakes for all to try.  The cakes were made with whole wheat flour, molasses, carrots and apples. A few of the guest were brave enough to try our homemade goat cupcakes....

The chef from NY said, 'I will file that recipe in with the gluten free and health foods'. Meaning, the cupcakes were edible, but tasted very healthy, not like a real dessert. Riversong, our horse, especially loved the cupcakes.Tinkerbell did not seem to like her cupcakes, but she LOVED the fruit skewers!

Tinkerbell and Sunshine made everyone laugh by performing the tricks they have been learning all year. They have outgrown their playground. As big girls, instead of jumping on their toys, they prefer to bulldoze them over and see how long it takes to push them back upright. One of our summer projects will be to reconfigure their toys and to raise the jumping platform to create a shady napping area for them.

While all of our guest expect to enjoy Montana's spectacular views and unspoiled nature, many are mesmerized by the unexpected, authentic Montana experience at the B&B. Our Montana hobby farm provides city folks with amazing views of the mountains and river, world class trout fishing, ample opportunities for viewing wildlife, AND the  chance to gather your own eggs for breakfast, pet a friendly rooster, pick berries from our organic garden or watch a little goat jump through a hula hoop! 

Thank you to all of the guest and friends who joined us to celebrate with Tinkerbell and Sunshine! And a bigger thank you to all of the guest who helped us raise Tinkerbell by feeding her bottles, teaching her tricks, and most importantly for being patient with us while she learned to overcome her separation anxiety! We are proud to say Tinkerbell has grown up to be a good little goat! 

Uh-Oh! Did you miss the party? Don't worry you can still get in on the fun! Tinkerbell and Sunshine will be performing at the b&b all summer. Make your reservations now! 406-777-5205 or www.bitterrootriverbb.com. 
Thank you for sharing your Tinkerbell photos!