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Heather's Favorite Shrimp and Grits

This is when my southern heritage comes in handy!

Everybody down south has a different recipe for this dish, but they don't cook Shrimp and Grits like I cook 'em!

O.K. I admit, I never cook this dish. I get Kevin to do it for me!

We start with stone ground grits (the good ones) and some heavy cream, (yep). Add a little smoked gouda and a lot of garlic.

We will cook up a Montana sized amount of Daily's Premium Bacon with some garlic and green onions (some people like to add green and red peppers, but I don't like it like that). Remove the bacon from the pan. The shrimp, well, fresh is best (if frozen, be sure to let them thaw and drain well). We saute the shrimp in our bacon drippings. Toss the shrimp and bacon together.

Serve up a big bowl of grits, top it with the shrimp mixture, and garnish with green onions.