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The Bitterroots are Blooming!

When you travel around in the Bitterroot Valley, you see them everywhere. They are on billboards, business names, logos, and advertisements wherever you look. Unfortunately, they are becoming less common growing in their native habitats around the valley. The native Salish people revered this small inconspicuous plant and used the long carrot-like root for food. The Bitterroot is now an endangered plant species, so we are trying to do our part to keep them around by establishing a few in our flower garden.

The Bitterroot plant is sometimes called the "resurrection plant" because the entire plant goes dormant after flowering in the spring. During the fall and early winter you might think the plant has died, but the rubbery whorl of leaves reappears very early each spring. Check out this excellent website for detailed descriptions about the amazing Bitterroot, and make your reservations at the B&B in mid-june if you want to see them blooming in my flower-box!