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Creamery Picnic Beginnings

The annual Stevensville Creamery Picnic begins each year in August with the Garden Party pictured above, where the Town residents gather to recognize outstanding accomplishments by members of the community. The historical begininnings of the Creamery Picnic go back 101 years! Stevensville's first Creamery Picnic was held in 1911 after the town rallied to rebuild the local creamery after a devastating fire destroyed the popular local business. After the fire, re-construction began on July 1, 1911. The owner, John Howe, had put out a call for help and promised the community and the construction crew that if the creamery could be rebuilt in one month, he woud throw the biggest picnic the town had ever seen. Miraculously, the creamery reopened for business on August 1! The fist Creamery Picnic was attended by about 1,000 people. There were talks, a free lunch, with plenty of free ice cream and all the buttermilk the town could drink. The first Creamery Picnic was a great success and continues to be. It is the longest standing community celebration in Montana!