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Owning a Bed and Breakfast was a mutual goal of both Kevin and I. It was one of those things, we would lie awake at night, after a bad day at the office, and daydream about. We always said, ‘when the kids are older’…. We knew it had to be located on a river for fishing, have a couple of acres for horses, and get snow in the winter! Owning a B&B, in Montana, was our dream!

In February 2014, Kevin and I left the grind of the big city and came to Montana on a much needed vacation. One night at the Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast in western Montana was all we needed to get hooked! Two months later, we purchased the B&B! The last few months have been a dream come true! I live in a beautiful mountain area, see amazing wildlife every day, meet fantastic people from all over the world, and I get to work with my family. You can see pictures of the neighborhood moose, the beautiful sunsets and the B&B in the Photos section of our webpage.

But, I won’t lie. Sometimes ‘living the dream’ feels more like a nightmare. For example, I burned the breakfast twice, on the same morning. There was also the day, when breakfast was already over, I realized I had actually used homemade sugar cookie dough instead of pie crust for the quiche. And when the smoke alarm goes off, that means bacon is definitely done! Those days always keep me humble and remind me I have so much yet to learn to be a great innkeeper!

I also have a lot to learn about Montana. Kevin and I are 'learning as we' go about the Bitterroot River Valley and western Montana. Our guest are always excited to share their experiences about their adventures. We are also exploring the valley and making great memories with our family. I can’t wait to share all of these adventures with y’all!