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Make new friends, keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

At Girl Scouts, we used to sing a song with the lyrics, “Make new friends, keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” Isn’t that the truth?

  • Guests become family! Randy Celebrations Bitterroot River B&B

Life at the bed and breakfast brings many new friends into our lives and brings old friends around to visit us in Montana. We treasure all of these friends who bring joy and laughter into our home. We feel truly blessed each day to be surrounded by so many extraordinary people, from all over the world. (Our new friend Randy celebrated his tenth stay at the b&b and earned his name on the big Thank You sign on the porch!)

Our new friends often teach us a thing or two…

  • Guests become family Don Celebrations Bitterroot River B&B

Don and Maria, from San Carlos, CA, taught us to cast our flies!

  • Burt: Guest cooking lessons Rhubarb Pudding

Our new friend Burt, from Toronto, taught us how to make traditional Finnish rhubarb pudding using his grandmother’s recipe and rhubarb right from our garden!

  • Christmas Tree Cutting Bitterroot River B&B

Some friends lend a hand with mending fences, driving tractors, and building barns. Many of our friends and family come to the B&B seeking advendture!

  • Fiber Art classes nearby Celebrations Bitterroot River B&B

Others help us sit on the porch and watch the chickens peck the ground. Many have referred friends and family to stay with us at the b&b.

  • Baby goats! Bitterroot River B&B

Thank you to all of the many friends, old and new, near and far, who have supported us at the bed and breakfast. Your loyal stays and your friendships uplift and encourage us. Thanks a million!

  • Family gatherings Celebrations Bitterroot River B&B
  • Floating and Fishing Bitterroot River B&B
  • Friends hiking Bitterroot River B&B
  • Die Hard fisherman! Celebrations Bitterroot River B&B
  • Guest catch 2015 Bitterroot River B&B
  • Games at the B&B Celebrations Bitterroot River B&B

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  • Hobby Farm @ Bitterroot River B&B
  • Enjoy a winter hike to Jerry Johnson Natural Hotsprings
  • Fishing on the Bitterroot River
  • Guests enjoying agritourism: Ghost Town in Progress
  • 2014 283
  • Bitterroot River B&B on Parade