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Innkeepers III

Happy New Year!

  • Innkeepers III

Wow! 2015 already? When I think about all of the things that happened, month by month, in 2014, I just can’t believe it! Our lives have changed in a dramatic way. Owning a B&B had been a long time dream of ours, yet this year, we saw our dream come true! There have been ups and downs as we have learned the ropes of our new business. Yet, we have been blessed in a measure greater than we could have imagined! It just amazes me as I reflect on all the special people who had a hand in making our dream possible! Y’all know who you are and know you are in our thoughts every day!

  • Summer guest party

We have made so many new friends from all parts of North America. We have been inspired by guest and their quests from around the world!

Don an Maria with their fish tales; Jean Marie biking the Louis and Clark trail and beating Kevin at ladder ball; hysterical sailing stories from David; and so many more on journeys, both happy and sad; all who filled our home with joy!

  • Enjoy scenic drives! Skalkaho Breakfast Stevensville, Montana Bitterroot River B&B

We have truly found some of the most amazing scenery in America, right in our backyard! Our hearts have grown and our lives have been enriched by the very special guests who filled our home with love and laughter. In Girl Scouts, we used to sing a song that goes, "Make new friends, keep the old. One is silver and the other Gold!"

  • Riverfront in Winter Bitterroot River B&B

Kevin and I so thankful for all of the silver and gold that enriched us in 2014!  As 2015 rolls in, I can only imagine what the year will bring. We look forward to the return of those we served in 2014, to our friends and family visiting Montana for the first time,  and to all of the new friends we have yet to meet!

Happy New Year!