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The Innkeepers

Come as Guests, Leave as Friends

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 Our personalized service, tranquil atmosphere, and friendly attitudes are what set us apart!

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This is a unique, family run bed and breakfast. In addition to the B&B’s spectacular view of the mountains and river, it offers guests an opportunity to experience Western Montana, the way the locals experience it, casually and comfortably. In this relaxed atmosphere, you might find the innkeepers, Kevin and Heather, out working in the garden, sitting on the porch snapping beans, or down fishing on the river. They are always happy for you to pull up a chair and join them! With only four guest rooms in the inn, you are sure to have personalized attention and never feel ‘lost in the crowd’.

Meet the Innkeepers

Kevin grew up on hobby farm in the north woods of Wisconsin. It was there he learned his love for the outdoors and for serving others! Kevin has been a mentor and volunteer for various community organizations, including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, youth sports, and church etc.  It is through these outreach programs that Kevin fell in love with Montana!

Heather, the daughter of Alabama natives, was born in Great Falls, Montana. At the age of four, the family returned to Alabama, and Heather was raised in Birmingham. Heather's parents always spoke of Montana with 'stars in their eyes.' It was through their memories and stories that Heather fell in love with Montana.

Owning a Bed and Breakfast was a mutual goal of both Kevin and Heather. Owning a B&B in Montana was their dream! They left the grind of the big city and came to Montana on a much needed vacation. One night at the Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast, LLC was all they needed to get hooked! Kevin and Heather purchased the B&B in April 2014. It is a dream come true!

It is our goal to share our home, our hospitality, and our love of western Montana with each of our guest!
We look forward to serving you!
Kevin and Heather

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Together, Kevin and Heather have four children. Some of the children have already 'left the nest' and come and go, as their school schedules allow. On any given day at the B&B, you might be greeted by any one of us. The children are all knowledgable about the B&B and will be ready to assist you with a tour of the property or to carry your luggage! 

Small Town Charm

Big Sky Hospitality on the Scenic Bitterroot River

Kevin and Heather Thurs, Innkeepers
Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast LLC
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The 'Bed and Breakfast Gang,' (as the town folk affectionately call us) at the 102nd Annual Creamery Picnic Parade.